Reading #1: How to Survive Critique

I really enjoyed our reading, How to Survive Critique: A Guide to Giving and Receiving Feedback by Karen Cheng. I thought the piece was well written from a student’s perspective and she gave real life practical advice. I completely agree with her statement that most students benefit from a positive environment over a competitive environment and I thought it was an important point to make. Furthermore, her emphasis on the “Hamburger” method (one nice compliment, a constructive criticism, and then finish with a nice comment) was interesting to see in this article because many professionals use this method during yearly reviews. I also liked how she pointed out a constructive way to give suggestions. As a novice, I know I will greatly benefit from such suggestions given by my peers and was happy to see the topic was addressed in her article. Finally, I like the way she concluded her article. Focusing on next steps, such as not taking it personally, taking notes, and then digesting the comments to see what revisions to make, were all very helpful points.


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