Reading Reflection: Color & Aging

I think the readings on aging, coloring, and typography brought to light many factors that I had not previously considered:

  1. I think it’s interesting that our eyes begin to turn colors into a more yellow-y tint.
  2. Lighting for older eyes needs to be a consideration.
  3. Using a matte surface is more effective.
  4. I was happy to learn that toddlers and young children are attracted most to red and blue. Although these colors play into gender norms, I think it’s interesting that there’s some physical explanation for the attraction to these colors.
  5. Tonal contrast is more important than color contrast when dealing with older viewers.
  6. Loss of light and loss of focus as viewers get older greatly contributes to the need to focus more on the typography used for clarity/legible reading.
  7. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) typography standards:
  8. ADA standards for use of appropriate typefaces in signage systemsSignage must both convey important information as well as convey information properly. This can be done by correct sign placement, typography, lighting and testing for readability.

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