Reading Reflection: Making and Breaking the Grid

I thought Coming to Order: A Brief History of the Grid in Modern Graphic Design was an interesting read. Most notably in the reading, I thought there were three things that stood out:

  1. The design of the grid has been an evolution. The author speaks towards many different people who contributed to the grid’s design including William Morris, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Peter Behrens.
  2. I found it really interesting that the design of the grid is something that evolved from many different perspectives and cultures. As noted in the article, many countries including Russia, America, and Germany contributed to the grid. Like many technologies, products, methods, etc. evolve over time, and the influence of the “world” also improved the grid.
  3. Finally, I liked that the article also included information about grid types including manuscript grid, column grid, modular grid, and the hierarchal grid.

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