Restaurant Menu Designs Using Grids

I really enjoyed working on this project for several reasons. First, I enjoyed this project because it had a purpose and I could conceptualize what the menus would be used for in regards to real users. Second, I liked our peer review sessions for this project. Not only did I receive good feedback in terms of my own projects, but I think seeing other people’s projects really helped me as well. Finally, this was the first project where I thought I saw steady improvement from the first version to the final version.

Menu Design Draft # 1: HCC710 Grids
My first attempt at making the menus was not the most successful. I think I had some positive elements, including creating “special” pages, but overall, I was unsuccessful in creating a usable menu.

Menu Designs Draft # 2: HCC Grids _ v2
Because I was so off in my first draft, I decided to do a second draft focusing on real language and spacing, attempting to focus less on rigid grids and more how the menu would read from a user’s perspective.

Cafe James Menu Version 3: Cafe James Menu
My first attempt at making the adult menu was not disastrous, as I think I started to really comprehend grid spacing and menu ease.

Cafe James Menu Final Adult Version: Cafe James Menu_Final Adult Version
As noted above, I found the peer reviews to be very helpful. From the first adult version, to the final version I updated font type and spacing to give readers more ease when using the menu. Both suggestions came from my classmates and I strongly feel the better font choices and spacing greatly improved the final product.

Cafe James Kid’s Menu: Cafe James Student Menu
My first attempt at making the kids’ menu went well for the most part. I think the look and feel is pretty kid-friendly. My class feedback consisted of changing the spacing just a bit to make it more readable and to contemplate using more images.

Cafe James Final Kid’s Menu: Cafe James Kids Menu_Final
For my final menu, I considered a few different options:
1. Using all images
2. Using no images
3. Using some sort of number system for ordering
4. Using a lot of color

Ultimately, I decided to keep the final version of the menu as simple as possible. I think the biggest reason I decided to do this was because of a class comment stating that images could upset the kids, and numbers may cause confusion. As for the background color, in my first draft I used a textured background but decided to nix that idea in the final version so it wouldn’t act as a distraction. Overall, I think this project brought home the fact that knowing your users and their needs/abilities is the most important element.


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