Reading Reflection: Scales

I actually really enjoyed Designing Print Materials of Different Scales and found several of the tips provided in the reading to be very helpful including:

  • Use a second color sparingly on a business card
  • Point 8-10 font is perfectly readable – 12pt looks too big
  • Do not put anything in the corners – leave them empty
  • Create consistent imagery on all letterheads/envelops/ stationary materials
  • Consistent layout should also be used on all items as well and it’s best to produce items at the same time
  • Do not center everything (unless there’s a really good reason to do so.)
  • The second page of the letterhead should contain a small element of the letterhead, but not overwhelm the paper
  • Many of the same tips above apply to flyers, but flyers are more “fun” so you can get away with different font/letter types

Scale also provided many helpful tips:

  • In regards to logos, the logo must be legible in both a small size, as well as a large size
  • Scale is both literal (the actual size of something) and subjective (it represents something accurately, like a map is drawn to scale.)
  • Contrast in size creates a sense of tension, which may be helpful for logo design
  • Spacial scale can also be used to distort images and give the viewer a meaning 
  • Point of view (making small objects look bigger/bigger object look smaller) creates a sense of illusion
  • Inflated scales make things extremely large



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