Photo Essay: Identity Systems

For my photo essay, I decided to look at different beauty products.


Website use of the logo:



Brand use of the logo:



Overall, I like the way that the logo is used as a logo, it’s very clean cut and to the point on the website and on the chap-sticks themselves. However, I really dislike the use of the branding on the green chap stick. I think because it’s for a different audience it works in some elements, but overall, I don’t like it.

Clinque Happy Perfume:





This is my favorite use of an identity system. I think the way clinique makes everything very simple and uses the color as the accent is extremely smart and allows for brand recognition. The design is very simple, sleek, and consistent.

 Pantene Pro-V: 


Pantene Natural

Green Pantene


For my third identity system, I decided to use Pantene Pro-V shampoo. For the most part, I think their shampoo/hair products are pretty well branded but as you can see image two is not as well branded. From above, image one is their logo and images two and three are some of their products. For the most part, their bottles reflect the third image but because of the discrepancy in identity, this is another system I do not like.


Maybelline Mascara:





This is one of my favorite identity system schemes. The first image is Maybelline’s logo and the two following images are two different products. Although both products have completely different branding, they all feature the logo. I think the fact that Maybelline has different branding but keeps their logo consistent is both smart from a branding perspective and for appealing to several different types of customers. For example, older people may be more attracted to the tradition mascara, while younger purchasers are attracted to the brighter packaging.


Johnson & Johnson:





Like Maybelline, Johnson and Johnson has several products, but does a great job making sure that each of their products feature their logo. For example, their shampoos feature the logo in the same location across the board. Furthermore, the company has found creative ways to incorporate their logo into non-traditional products, as seen in the third image.


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