Inspiration #15

I came across the cool article about the evolution of the Gill Sans family: Gill Sans Test Proofs and Original Drawings From the Monotype Archive (

Here’s a snippet from the article

Gill Sans was the first of Eric Gill’s typefaces to be released by Monotype. The design was inspired by the lettering Gill produced for the shopfront of Douglas Cleverdon’s bookshop in Bristol in 1926. Gill Sans Titling (Series 231) was released by Monotype in 1928.

Following the success of the display face, a number of variants were added to the type family, including a roman and an italic (series 262, published in 1930), as well as an Ultra Bold (shown here, originally named ‘Double Elefans’ by Gill and published by Monotype in 1936). By the mid-1930s the Gill Sans family included more weights than any other typeface available at the time.


I found this article to be really interesting because it goes into the history of font development. I think it’s really cool to take notice how fonts were developed in the past vs. how they are developed now.


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