For my portfolio, I chose to focus on three projects, plus the creation of a logo. The projects I chose to highlight were:

1. Keys
3. Cafe James Kids’ Meu

I chose these three projects to focus on because I thought I was most successful at these projects / showed the most improvement.

First, I thought about my traits:


Next I thought about what I wanted to do for my portfolio:


For my logo, I thought about the duality of my life and combining my professional life with my “city” life. Currently, my days consist of going to work in Virginia, and then running home to drop off my car and head into DC for either social activities or LGBTQ volunteerism. When thinking of a logo, I focused a lot on the duality of my life and decided that my logo needed to highlight both my social and professional lives, which are quickly merging.

For my logo, I chose to use my whole name, Liz Dean, as one word – mainly because it represents two worlds coming together as one, as well as highlighting the fact that I am known as “Liz Dean” in both my professional and social worlds. I chose to use hot pink and aqua blue because they are my favorite colors- again depicting the combination of my duality. I decided to use Arial Black because regardless of if I am in my social or professional life – I am always consistent, upfront, focused, and clear cut, which I think is represented. It also helps that I have a short name that flows:

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 5.55.48 PM


Below is my first version of my portfolio. I went with a poster because I felt it was something physical.




The poster sticks with the duality theme because I have two projects on the front and then the third project on the back so the poster needs to be physically flipped over.

The first image is the front side and the second image is the back side on the poster.




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