Landing Pages

For the homepage landing page, I wanted to do something that was extremely simple and easy to use.

For Version 0, I sketched out a sample webpage using simple grids:


I wanted something that one conveyed a simple wireframe, and two, showed ease of use. As I began to envision what I thought the kids would like, I used Dreamweaver to put onto a webpage what I had on paper.

Version 1 turned out like this:



I wanted to keep the text very simple and really highlight that the website should primarily be used as mainly a jumping off point to other websites. I also chose to use a fun background color to be age appropriate and give some flare to the site.

After receiving feedback, I decided that while my website was simple, it didn’t provide enough information as well as provided the wrong information. For instance, I did not need to include a blurb about the school because the users of the site already knew that information. For my final version, I changed the text a bit and added some helpful clues to users as well as changed the background:


I discarded the colorful background and decided to use white so the links would really pop. Furthermore, I added arrows as a visual for users. Ultimately, I decided not to use other pictures besides the school’s logo because I did not want to overwhelm the students. The school logo is something familiar, while other photos from different websites may not be and I wanted to avoid confusion.

Overall, I liked working on this project because it incorporated coding skills from previous classes that I needed to brush up on as well as made me really think of what would be easiest for the user. While my webpage may not be the most glamorous, I think its simplicity will help the user achieve his/her goal.



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