Laundry Instructions

For the laundry instructions, I tried to make clear and concise steps.

For  version 0, I listed out the different steps on a piece of paper. I think without this step, I would have not been able to successfully create versions 1 and 2.

For my first version, I made a powerpoint listing out all of the steps. My first attempt at this project was to just get all of the steps listed. I don’t think my version 1 was the best in terms of visualization and thought the feedback I got was very helpful.

Version 1:

Laundry instructions

For version 2, I cleaned up the presentation, added check boxes and made the instructions a bit more clear.

Version 2:

laundry instructions v2

I found this project to be hard because there were a lot of different elements to decipher into one checklist. I think the lack of personal experience going through the steps myself hindered my ability to fully list out the steps in version 1. For version 2, I tried to really think through all of the steps, and the easiest way to read them as a user. My class feedback was extremely helpful to me because I was able to talk through all of the steps and see how my classmates described the information.

Overall, I think this project challenged me to really think as a user. For the next time I need to create listed instructions, I will perform the actions personally to be fully prepared for creating the instructions but now feel I have the skill set to provide clear instructions.


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